Clash of Galliformes

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Funded on Kickstarter 2022!
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The game is played by moving your birds on the game board through locations (every hill
is called a location). Players have a variety of birds to choose from and they all have different abilities.
In these locations, players can build an outpost to secure resources and with the resources upgrade the bird’s abilities, defense, or develop technologies.
On the locations, players will also find tech and puzzle tokens that are needed when developing new technologies and solving the puzzle on the player’s board.

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When two players battle, the attacking player compares the attack points against the defender’s defense points. The losing player must then remove the defeated bird from the game board and can not
use it again.

The player that has solved the puzzle on their player board and developed at least 2 technologies can choose to end the game. When the game is over players count their points to find out who the winner is:

  • Points from the puzzle
  • 1 point from each owned cube
  • 1 point from each bird in play on the game boards
  • 1 point from each outpost on the game map
  • 2 points from each completed technology
  • 4 points if the player has 10 food, stone, and wood
  • 9 points from the Golden Egg


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