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In this alternate history game, climate change began to devastate the world at an early stage and most of the world is now covered in the ocean.
In order to avoid extinction, the survivors have built massive floating cities that need to be constantly powered to keep the cities moving.
This requires expeditions to the few remaining land masses and even the deep ocean to find the necessary materials for the cities. But resources are scarce…

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We have started a group on Facebook about this game. In the group, you will get a glimpse of how the development is coming along! Link to Facebook

Successfully funded in October 2020. In Here be Dragons your goal is to explore an unknown land & take control of the wilderness. How you want to do this is up to you. Dominate the land from your huge citadel, explore forests & mountains in search of monsters & marvels.

Freedom is yours in this ever-changing game but doesn’t forget that your opponents have the same access to freedom. Your goal is to collect enough winning points before your opponents & thus become the game’s winner. Click here for more info.

Funded on Kickstarter 2022! This is a light/medium strategy/resource management game set in an alternate timeline where huge birds work alongside tribal clans.

Players must expand their territory in order to find supplies and new technologies for their tribes. The threat from rival clans is also a constant threat. You must adapt your strategies and think ahead of your opponents in order to survive the harsh climate. Click here for more info.

This is the ultimate board game for those of you who want to take on the role of a municipality to strengthen cooperation between culture and tourism! Play a year as a municipal leader and explore the strategic possibilities to attract more visitors and tourists to Södermanland. By planning activities and tactics, managing the budget, and setting a clear direction, you can create one thriving culture and tourism sector driving growth and development.

BATR is a game of area control and warfare where players will need to strategize and choose which island they should raid and in which order. They will also need to balance gold for the best outcome. The game comes in a small box and is easy to set up.

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