About us

We are extremely proud to have become part of Sweden’s board game export to the world! Since we started Todys Games back in 2020, we have had a blast traveling to new and exciting conventions and meeting like-minded people from all over the globe.
We have learned a lot and still stayed true to our ideals of player freedom and game replayability. Our journey started out with the successful launch of Here be Dragons which set the stage for us as an open-world fantasy sandbox.
To this day we still want to return to those unexplored lands to build upon it with new monsters, terrain types, and ways for players to interact with the game. Our most recent crowdfunding campaign made it possible for us to fund a second game, Clash of Galliformes. We cannot wait for this exciting strategy game to land at your doorstep so that you can battle your friends on the frozen tundra riding giant chickens (yea, never thought that you would ever do that, did you?).
We are also extremely excited to share our upcoming project Scarce with you. We thought that a fitting next step from giant chickens would be a dystopian nuclear apocalypse with floating cities. Because why not?
We also want to thank everyone who has made our projects possible. Your support means the world to us!


Feel free to contact us: info @ todysgames . com